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Visitor address
Jomfruland Fuglestasjon
N-3781 Jomfruland

Postal address
Jomfruland Fuglestasjon
Postboks 1076 Gims°y
N-3704 Skien

Phone +47 400 00 773

Jomfruland bird observatory - history and organization

The observatoryJomfruland bird observatory was established in 1969. In the beginning, the observatory was situated at the lighthouse at the middle of the island.

Eventually the observatory was moved to the north end, since most of the activity took place here right from the start. In 1980 the old turkey shed at the farm Øitangen was renovated by members of the local birdres' society, and the bird observatory moved in.

From 1980 onwards the observatory has been permanently manned during the season (March through September).

The station has been run on an idealistic basis right from the start; volunteers making up the backbone of all activity. Since 1990 several persons have been stationed at the observatory on "civil service" as opposed to military service. There has also been some short time engagements, but still the volunteers play a key role, manning the observatory in week ends, vacations and so on.

Jomfruland bird observatory is run by the district birders' society, Norsk Ornitologisk Forening, avdeling Telemark.